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Remarks by William H. Gates Senior
March 20, 2010

"Sometimes people ask me why I am so optimistic about the future. I tell them I am optimistic because knowledge is not a finite resource, and neither is compassion.

I think often about a friend of mine named Margrit Elliot. Margrit is a nurse from La Conner, Washington. Twice a year, she organizes a team with doctors to travel to Bhutan, where they train local doctors, treat burn victims, and perform operations to repair cleft palates. The team has included members from as far away as Italy and Holland.

Her group is called the Global Burn Care and Reconstructive Institute, and it exists not because Margrit had access to money or connections or proprietary secrets. It exists because she has some medical knowledge, bottomless compassion, and vast stores of energy.

With limited funds, Margrit has fundamentally changed burn care in Bhutan, helped catalyze the development of a new hospital with a burn care ward, and met with the King!"

Severely burned Bhutanese women seeking help. Donations

To prevent infections and contractures after initial burn injuries, restore function in post-burn contracture patients and ease suffering those are the immeasurable rewards!

Help restore a life, to reach out to those without hope, and change a life forever, please write a tax-deductible check to GBCRI, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 qualified organization registered with the IRS.

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